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KINGFIELD has an excellent PCB design and PCBA design team that can quickly and efficiently provide complete engineering and design services, from concept to production.Designers and Engineers have at least 10+ pcb circuit board design and engineering experience.

Our design service including

Hardware Development


Software Development


Industrial Design


Mechanical StructureDesign


Case(Housing)Designand Manufacturing


Mold Design andManufacturing




Man-machineinterface Development


Automatic temperature controlling platform

Work: Firmware developmentFunction: By controlling fan speed, to realize platform temperaturerise or lower. Fan speed: 3-speed,low, middle,fast. Both manualmode and automatic mode.

Manual Mode: Temperature rod timely test temperature of platform.once temperature is higher/lower than set temperature, then peopleadjust the fan speed faster/lower by pressing the adjusting buttons.Automatic Mode: Automatically adjust the fan speed according tothe temperature rod get from the platform.

Massage Chair PCBA

Work: PCBA design+Mobile phone APP development.

Function: 4-soeed. one button to control 4-speed and switch on/off . App in phone to change different speed and different body parts.

Service Advantages


Senior PCB design engineers with more than 10 years of design pcb experience

Fast delivery time

High quality service of 7*24 hours in parallel with many people for online pcb design services

Low cost

PCBA one-stop service, save your time and effort

Strict confidentiality

One-to-one precise service mode, special data protection by dedicated personnel

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