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Quick Proofing

Can be expedited within 12 hours. Yamaha automatic placement machine, placement 4 million points / day.

MOQ 1 Piece

Start with 1 sample and move quickly into small and high volume production.

High Quality

KING FIELD  uses AOI & X-Ray testing to guarantee the quality of assembled PCBs.

Featured Services

Conformal Coating

Functional test

Cable Assembly



PCB assembly one-stop service to meet your diversified needs

KINGFIELD's printed circuit board assembly services focuses on prototyping and mass production, providing a one-stop service platform for PCB board manufacturing, printed circuit board assembly and SMT placement.

With our own factory and multiple assembly line operations, we have a stable capacity of 8 million dots/day for placement and 500,000 dots/day for post-plug-in soldering. Make your R&D work easy and time-saving.

Our professional engineers and technicians will work closely with you through our customer service staff to ensure product quality and rapid delivery times.

Fulfilling thousands of orders from around the world every day, we have established our position as a leading provider of PCB and PCBA services with consistent quality and superior service.

  • Urgent can be 12 hours to expedite, normal 3-7 days delivery.
  • Yamaha automatic placement machine, placement 4 million points / day.
  • National production of three anti-paint automatic spraying line, high-performance 8 temperature zone reflow soldering.
  • Lead-free wave soldering, automatic printing machine, X-RAY inspection and other equipment.

PCBA sample is available in 12 hours

Your partner for electronic product development! Relying on more than 10 years of service experience in PCB design, PCB manufacturing, assembly of pcb, SMT placement, and post-plug-in soldering, we provide one-stop PCB manufacturing services. Provide more efficient, faster and better value-added services for R&D.

PCBA prototype / batch, one piece from the sticker, no threshold, the whole process, SMT placement, post-soldering DIP plug-in, three-proof paint, test, assembly, packaging one-stop solution.

Processing capability

Comprehensive one-stop service - you only need to provide the GERBER file or BOM list,, the rest is all left to us!

Routine delivery time

- Regular sampling (within 50pcs): 3 days for all materials

- Small batch (50-500pcs): 3-5 days

- Batch (≥500pcs): 5-7 days

PCBA soldering type

- Surface mount (PCBA)

- Post insertion welding (THT)

Daily capacity

- PCBA placement 4 million points / day

- 500,000 points/day for post insertion welding

Spherical parts (bga) pitch

- Not less than 0.25mm

- Three-proof paint coating

Board thickness

- Not more than 3mm (no thickness limit for sample)

Order quantity

- From 1 set

Part placement accuracy (100FP)

- Total placement accuracy 0.0375mm

Component Service

- Full OEM - Partial OEM - OEM only

PCBA board size

- Small board size: 45mm x 45mm

(smaller than the size of the board need to put together)

- Large board size: 400mm x 1200mm

Types of PCBs that can be attached

- PCB rigid board (FR-4, metal substrate)

- PCB soft board (FPC)

- Combination of hard and soft PCB

- Aluminum substrate

Component size

- Passive components: mount imperial 01005 (0.4mm * 0.2mm), 0201

- BGA and other high-precision ICs: support X-ray to inspect Min0.25mm

BGA components with spacing

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