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As a PCB Assembly manufacturer,we know electronic components well ,we know how important each component is

Personal Advisor

Support pre-sales and post-sales value-added services, acting as a personal advisor to solve various difficult problems in your work

Strong Reserves

Support long-term supply, stocking service, to solve your common models of stable supply worries

One-Stop Service

Support multi-type and small-lot component supply service, solve your prototype trial production, new product development, project order additional emergency replenishment problem


Professional component certification engineer, BOM engineer. Strict IQC incoming material inspection, supplier access, and annual audit mechanism


Thousands of customers are provided with BOM improvement, component replacement, selection, and full BOM material solutions every year to offer a reliable guarantee for customer prototype PCB assembly and batch product delivery.

Submit BOM list

You should provide a correct BOM with detailed information of items, raw materials, package, description, part number, etc. In order to get quotation fast and accurately, information.


Successfully submit the order, view the BOM order management, at this point into the order review state, our salesman will fire for you to review the BOM file, do accurate quotation .


After the BOM order is reviewed and quoted by the salesperson, the order status will be changed to reviewed.
Please confirm the order information is correct for payment.

Arrange delivery

After the order is paid successfully, your order status will be shown as in stock, and the BOM will be assigned to you immediately after the order is completed.

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